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The Joshua Tree Music Festival is a whole weekend of non-stop fun. There are countless performances, events, and presentations going on throughout the festival. It’s hard to know which ones to go to and all that is offered. The Joshua Tree Music Festival has a variety of different yoga classes that you won’t want to miss. They also have a Positive Vibration Station that is worth the stop. While you’re at the festival, consider getting a caravan rental to make your stay unforgettable.

One of the draws to the Joshua Tree Music Festival is it’s focus on yoga. Each year they have a team of yoga instructors that teach different classes throughout the festival. They even have yoga classes for kids. This is a great way for you to find your inner peace and keep yourself centered throughout the wildness of the festival. The yoga instructors themselves all come from different backgrounds and have different talents to offer. One thing's for sure though, you’ll love being able to slow down and relax throughout the organized chaos.

If you’re still looking for a bit of good vibes, try the Positive Vibration Station. The Positive Vibration Station is a host of different events and activities, all centered around the idea of promoting and creating a positive atmosphere. The events change each year, but in the past they have hosted open mics, dance classes, musical performances, ceremonial drum circles, and so much more. The Positive Vibration Station is a chance to be involved with a live performance. Put yourself out there and have fun creating positive vibrations.

There’s a lot to do and little time to enjoy it all. Make sure the time you spend resting provides you with enough energy to get back in the action. Bringing a caravan rental to the Joshua Tree Music Festival will give you your best experience. Caravan rentals are almost all air conditioned. They also offer a more private and relaxed way to sleep. This can be a great break from the ongoings of the day. A caravan rental will give you your best experience at the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

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