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Andrew Johnson was the 17th president of the United States of America. For a long time he was one of the most controversial presidents in America. His life and run as President of the United States has left ripple effects on America that can still be felt today. Bring your RV rental over to Greeneville, Tennessee and explore a different side of history.

There are three main stops at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site: the visitor center, homestead, and the national cemetery. Each have their own allure, but all are worth making the stop.

The Visiting Center should be your first stop. You can learn a lot about the history of Andrew Johnson here. You can also buy tickets to go and visit the homestead. There are a few educational videos to check out and you can even stop by Johnson’s Tailor Shop. Keep in mind that Andrew Johnson was not a man of education, but a man of the working class that made his way up to Presidency.

The Homestead is the Johnson family home. Andrew Johnson lived here along with his family. After Johnson passed, the home was passed down from generation to generation, until eventually being gifted the National Park Services. You can really get a glimpse into the life and family of Andrew Johnson here.

If you’re looking for Andrew Johnson himself, you can find him at his gravesite. Here he rests in peace, surrounded by his family members. It’s a quiet moment that could make a huge impact on your trip as you consider all there is to this life that we live.

Andrew Johnson wasn’t the most popular president in history. However, he left a lasting impact. He is a part of American History. Going on this trip can be a great way to expose yourself and your family to a different view of history. Bring a RV rental to make your trip a little easier. RV rentals give you the ability to wander around Tennessee. Visit Andrew Johnson for a day, spend a weekend in Nashville, or go out and see the waterfalls. You’ll never regret taking the time to be wild and free while exploring Tennessee in your RV rental.

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