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Have you ever wanted to go to on an African Safari without actually going to Africa? Disney’s Animal Kingdom is your perfect opportunity. Leave your RV rental in your conveniently located RV park and head out for some new adventures. Disney has perfectly combined a safari with live animals from across the world with a theme park that specializes in theatrical performances.

They don’t just call it the Animal Kingdom for nothing. The wildlife zoo at Disney boasts of animals from all walks of life. They have African lions, Asian tigers, rhino’s, elephants, sharks, stingrays, butterflies and so much more. Take a safari throughout the fields to have a first-hand experience. Your kids will love seeing the animals up-close and personal, while learning more about their habitats and lifestyles.

Animal Kingdom is all about the entertainment. Catch shows such as Finding Nemo the Musical or Festival of the Lion King. Broadway performers are tempted away from the Big City in order to create magic every single day. This ensures that every show is of the utmost quality for you and your family's entertainment.

Pandora- The World of Avatar recently opened within the Animal Kingdom. Sail through the Na’vi River, fly through the skies on Avatar Flight of Passage, or hike through the Valley of Mo’ara. This new beautiful land brings to life the world's highest grossing film of all time: Avatar Now you too can be a part of the magic. The magic may feel real, but don’t worry, you won’t return to your RV rental with florescent blue stripped skin.

Camping in your RV rental will have you feeling at home within Animal Kingdom. The wildlife and nature will truly amaze your family as you learn about different animals, all while having fun. The many shows will be a great time to relax and enjoy your time together without being out in the humidity. And when your day is done relax outside of your RV rental while gazing up at the stars and chatting about all of the new amazing things you saw in the Animal Kingdom.


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