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When you’re traveling through the national parks of Tennessee, you’ll have a large list to choose from. The Cumberland Gap is one of our favorite National Parks because it offers show stopping views, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and is closely located to several other national parks, including the Big South Fork! Be sure to check out the Cumberland Gap on your next vacation with your camper van rental.     

The Cumberland Gap has a lot to explore. If you go exploring you will be able to see some breathtaking mountain top views. There’s also the Gap Cave, which you can read more about here. Or you could go and explore the Hensley Settlement. These stops will give you a glimpse into the past and what life was like for those that first explored the area. There’s plenty of wildlife for those that love nature watching. You can see a variety of animals including deer, bears, bobcats, and more! Just make sure to keep a safe distance when encountering a wild animal.

The Cumberland Gap is a milestone for many. It has been used by explorers, adventurers, natives, and animals alike for generations. This beautiful landmark is a continuous reminder of the adventures that were once had and the adventures that are still to be explored. Bring along your camper van rental to enhance your overall experience in Cumberland Gap. Cumberland Gap is a gateway to your next vacation. Your camper van rental will enable you to move seamlessly throughout the national park. Explore everything that it has to offer and don’t stop there. Tennessee is a hotbed for national parks and your camper van rental will take you to any or all of them. Take the next step into your next adventure in the Cumberland Gap with your camper van rental.

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