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When you think of the Cumberland Gap, you tend to envision the mountain top views. Don’t get us wrong, they are stunning views, but one of the best views in the Cumberland Gap is not from the top of the mountain, but underneath it. The Gap Cave is one of the most popular attractions to the Cumberland Gap area and is a great stop on your next vacation with your motorhome rental.

The Gap Cave is described as an “underground cathedral”. It has breathtaking views of rock formations and even a bat or two. You can explore the Gap Cave by participating in an underground tour put on by park rangers. These tours are around two hours long, so be sure that you are up for the hike. To best prepare for this tour make sure you wear closed toed shoes and find accommodations for children under the age of five, as they are not allowed on the tour.

Bringing a motorhome rental with you to the Gap Cave will give you the chance to experience the Cumberland Gap at your own pace. Whether you want to be out and about all day long, or take breaks throughout the day, having a motorhome rental nearby will give you the choice. Motorhome rentals also add a layer of security that a tent doesn’t offer. The Cumberland Gap area is a rather safe environment, but it is naturally inhabited by bobcats, bears, and other predators. A motorhome rental will give you peace of mind as you and your family rests. The Gap Cave is a natural wonder. You’ll see things throughout the cave that have taken lifetimes to form. The amazing adventures you’ll have with your motorhome rental in the Gap Cave will give you long lasting memories for the whole family.

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