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The Cumberland Gap area has a lot of history behind it. The Hensley Settlement is a preserved small town open for tour. This town was established in 1903 and gives us a glimpse into another time. Explore the whole town in a 3-4 hour tour. Have fun traveling through the Cumberland Gap and through time at the Hensley Settlement with your caravan rental.

One of the coolest parts of the Hensley Settlements is that these buildings were occupied up until the 1950’s. That means that they were vacated pretty recently in history and are rather well preserved. You can walk around the one-room schoolhouse. You can walk through the streets and see different shops, including a blacksmith shop. Dare to imagine what life was like for those not too long ago. This is a rather popular attraction and we suggest you make a reservation. If you know when you’re going, it’s best to book pretty far in advance. Reservations open up about a month before the tour date. The tour itself is held from spring until late fall. You can check the National Parks website for the official tour dates of the year to make sure they align with your travel plans.

Bring along a caravan rental and explore everything the Cumberland Gap has to offer. The Hensley Settlement itself is located in a rather popular area of national parks. You can explore the Cumberland Gap, the Gap Cave, the Big South Fork area, and so much more. Having a caravan rental will give you the mobility to do so. A lot of caravan rentals have kitchens in them. This is a safe and inexpensive way to bring food along on your trip. Have fun exploring the Hensley Settlement and the Cumberland Gap area with your caravan rental on your next family adventure!

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