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Disney’s Hollywood Studios is just bursting with opportunities for fun! Go on a character hunt around Hollywood Studios! The Green Army Men from the Toy Story franchise have been known to hang around. You may also be able to find Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Mickey Mouse, Daisy, Donald, Chip and Dale, Pluto, Goofy, monsters Mike and Sully, and more. Make sure you have enough storage on your phone for all of those life long memories. If not, just keep your laptop in your RV rental and export the pictures every night. That way you’ll never miss the perfect photo opportunity.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to the much-anticipated Star Wars exhibit. Meet fan favorites Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and more. Make your own lightsaber to become a true Jedi master. This newly opened feature of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is constantly expanding to send you and your family into galaxies far far away. Your RV rental will be the perfect place to rest after a long day of fighting clone troopers.

When the heat and humidity gets too much take a break within your RV rental or head inside Animation Courtyard. Take a quiz to see what Disney character you are or take a class to learn how to draw one of your favorites!

Once the crowds begin to dwindle and the light slips away, make sure to grab your seats at the Fantasmic night show spectacular. This show specific to Disney’s Hollywood Studios alone, is not one to miss. Mickey Mouse and all of your favorite characters will battle it out with many of Disney’s most ferocious villains. Unlike many of the other nights shows, this is made up of live action characters. Fireworks, streams of fire and water fountains add to the intense show that will keep your kids glued to their seat. Grab your tickets with your Fast Pass+ to make sure they don’t run out. This show is sure to be a sell-out. Insider tip: make sure to store some glow sticks in one of the many shelves in your RV rental. The kids will definitely be begging for something that glows when all of the vendors begin to roam with their magical glowing merchandise.


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