Round Trip

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Island of Adventure is a land of wonder and power. As one of the two parks that comprise Universal Orlando Resort, it’s sure not to disappoint. Pick up your caravan rental in an easy, detailed check-out before heading over to the Island of Adventure at Universal Studios Florida.          

The Island itself is split into several different sections and holds beloved characters from all over. Check out Marvel, Dr. Seuss, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Skull Island, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Toon Lagoon and more. The adventure never stops on this vacation.

Marvel gives you the chance to fly like a superhero. The Incredible Hulk is nothing short of incredible. This roller coaster is not for the faint hearted, reaching as high as 65 miles per an hour and soaring high through the sky. Jurassic Park gives you the opportunity to walk with dinosaurs. Even though it didn’t end well in the movie, Universal dared to make a real-life replica of John Hammond’s theme Park: Jurassic Park. Here you can take your chances meeting life size dinosaurs. But don’t worry too much, unlike in the movies these dinosaurs have and off switch.

Dr. Seuss’ Seussical books come to life in Seuss Landing. Ride through story book themed fun with The Cat in the Hat or spin with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. The rides are mostly marketing towards smaller children, but everyone can enjoy a great story. If you’re hungry, you may like green eggs and ham from the Green Eggs and Ham café. If you’re not looking to eat out, your caravan rental isn’t far away. Take a break and swing by home for some lunch. Insider tip: The Green Eggs and Ham café’s hours tend to vary by season and day of the week. Call ahead in order to assure you won’t get stuck on a bus or with a fox or in a box with rumbling tummies.

Your caravan rental is the perfect place to stash all of your belongings while you're roaming through the lands. Dozens of small compartments allow the children to each have their own space for their new memorabilia. Park your caravan rental at one of dozens of conveniently located campsites around Orlando and never worry about missing out on the action. Island of Adventures is sure to be the thrill seeking exploration you’ve been waiting for.


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