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The Joshua Tree Music Festival is so much more than a large concert. They focus not only on the freedom and creativity that music creates, but also on the soul. Your soul to be exact. Joshua Tree Music Festival created the Healing Oasis as a way to help festival goers find their inner peace. Push yourself out of your comfort zone or take a relaxing course. Stay in a motorhome rental while you’re at Joshua Tree to get a good night’s rest for the upcoming day.

The Healing Oasis is a spiritual spring of life. Rejuvenate your soul and soak yourself in good vibes. The Healing Oasis changes festival to festival, but there are some things that never change. No matter who the hired healer is, they are there to help you find your inner peace. In the past, the Healing Oasis has hosted a variety of different therapists, witches, and shamans. They each bring their own unique flare and craft, but they unit together for the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

As each of the different mentors specialize in different crafts, the activities vary. In the past they have hosted events such as yoga, massage, B12 shots, acupuncture, group led meditations, Tai Chi, and so much more. You’ll love the chance to work on centering your soul and your body everyday at Joshua Tree.

While you’re looking for somewhere to stay at Joshua Tree, you should consider a motorhome rental. Motorhome rentals are a great way to experience the Joshua Tree Music Festival. They offer you transportation and a place to sleep. Plus, they have air conditioning. Motorhome rentals are perfect for keeping you in the heart of the festival, while still creating a calm place for you to unwind. Create unforgettable experiences at the Healing Oasis at Joshua Tree Music Festival.

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