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Music festivals are known for being wild and free. They’re not always a great place to bring children. Joshua Tree Music Festival embraces freedom and creativity, while also creating a family friendly environment!

Kidsville is a safe place for kids to let loose and have fun. Throughout the festival there will be many different activities held in Kidsville. Kids can take yoga sessions, jam sessions, and so much more. Kidsville is an extension of the music festival community, it’s just meant for a slightly younger audience. This means that it still embraces the same love of art, music, and creativity that the festival embodies. There will be a lot of things for kids to discover during the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

If you’re looking for places to stay, trying camping at the music festival! Joshua Tree Music Festival has a specific campsite for families. This campsite offers quiet hours and caters more to young children. Plus, it’s a great gathering of families and creates the perfect environment to make new friends! You could camp out in a more traditional tent, or you could get yourself an RV rental.

Bringing a RV rental to the Joshua Tree Music Festival will give you a more relaxed vacation. RV rentals not only have AC, but offer a calm environment for kids to cool down in. Music festivals are a lot of fun, but can sometimes be over stimulating for young ones. RV Rentals will also give you a spacious way to get around. If you decide to road trip around before or after the festival, an RV rental will give the whole family more leg room. The Joshua Tree Music Festival is unlike most festivals, as it caters to families. This makes Kidsville at the Joshua Tree Music Festival a prime destination for your next RV rental vacation!

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