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The Joshua Tree Music Festival is known for its fantastic musical performances, family friendly content, and it’s focus on art. One of the ways that the Joshua Tree Music Festival highlights different kinds of artists, is it’s live performance and silent auction. Jump right in and find the next piece of art for your home at the Joshua Tree Music Festival with your caravan rental.

Musicians aren’t the only live performances to be seen at Joshua Tree. This music festival also puts a heavy emphasis on art. Throughout the festival many different artists will be painting live. You can stop and watch as they create meaningful pieces featuring their own artistic style. The artists will change from festival to festival. This gives you a chance to discover new artists everytime you go! It’s fascinating to take a break and be mesmerized by the technique and artistry that goes into painting. Although some artists may share similarities, each one is unique.

Closer to the finish of the festival, each piece of live art will be put on auction. This silent auction is a great way to support real artists. It’s also a wonderful keepsake from your time at Joshua Tree. Everytime you attend, collect a new piece of art! The money made from the live auction will be split in half. Part will go directly to the artists themselves, while the other half will be put back into the Joshua Tree Living Arts. This will help to grow the art side of the festival and ensure that art continues to be one of the main focuses of the gathering.

Bringing a caravan rental to a festival like Joshua Tree will give you many advantages. Firstly, most caravan rentals have air conditioning. They also offer a sense of privacy and serenity that a tent can’t offer. Not to mention a little bit of added security. Caravan rentals are a great place to safely store different purchases you may make throughout your time at Joshua Tree, including any art from the silent auction.

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