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Random Acts of Mindfulness at the Joshua Tree Music Festival are a great way to start the day off on the right foot. Take the first step towards purposeful contentment. You’ll never be bored as you navigate through each activity and as you navigate your inner self. Random Acts of Mindfulness are a great way to start of your journey at Joshua Tree Music Festival with a caravan rental.

Every year the Random Acts of Mindfulness change. Some years the are similar, but add on new facets of the experience. Other years, they’re completely new altogether. Whether you’ve been before and fell in love with the Random Acts of Mindfulness, or if this is your first time, we are sure you’ll love it.

In the past there have been many fun events. You could create your own t-shirt and fill it memories. If you have little ones, joining the family event from Kidsville, Giant Puppets! These Giant Puppets go crowd surfing throughout the festival. Take some time for the whole family to enjoy. Random Acts of Mindfulness have reached across of genre of events. There have been inspirational aerial performances, dance offs, Veggie BBQ’s with great conversations, bubbles, balloons, and more.  You have plenty of opportunities to take an intentional leap towards inner happiness.

While you’re staying at the Joshua Tree Music Festival, you should consider grabbing yourself a caravan rental. Caravan rentals are the ideal way to stay at almost any music festival. Joshua Tree has onsite camping that can keep you in the action at all times. On the other hand, caravan rentals give you a sense of privacy that you won’t find anywhere else in the festival. Think of your caravan rental as your little piece of zen amongst all of the organized chaos that is Joshua Tree. You’ll love being able to take this intentional step towards being rested and ready for fun at the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

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