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Pacific Raceway has been the dream of many racers since 1960. If it’s your dream too, don’t let it get away! The Pacific Raceway has partnered with ProFormance Race School to give you an unbelievable opportunity to get out on the track yourself. Read about their many different programs below and begin your journey to becoming a real racer. RV Rentals Seattle is a great way to stay while you’re in the area racing after your dreams.

Half or full day teen programs are offered. This program walks teens through safe and speedy driving. They teach kids how to respond to several different threatening or potentially harmful situations. This class is invaluable for the experience your kids will gain both on and off the course.

One Day High Performance Driving School is a great way to get out on the course and have some fun, while learning. According the ProFormance website, idea of this course is “to teach you to think faster than you drive”. Get a chance to drive on the raceway while making your life a little bit safer too.

The Lapping Program is for those who have already graduated from the two day high performance racing program. This is a way to continue your skills and get a bit of solo practice.

The 2-Day Fully Accredited Competition Licensing Program is for those that want to become racers themselves. Or just want to be able to calm themselves one. This program is full certified and will qualify you for “competition license from SCCA, ICSCC and SOVREN racing organizations,” according the ProFormance website.

Learning to race at the Pacific Raceway is a legendary experience to say the least. Why rush the fun? Rent from RV Rentals Seattle and stay in the area for a bit! Check-out everything Seattle has to offer and enjoy your time at the Pacific Raceway like it was meant to be enjoyed. Let the cars go fast and your vacation stretch out. RV Rentals Seattle has a large selection of RV’s and trailers to meet all of your needs. Don’t worry about not having any experience with RV’s or trailers. We will walk you through your rental and make sure you feel comfortable before you leave. The Pacific Raceway and ProFormance Racing School has a lot to offer, don’t race through your vacation with RV Rentals Seattle.

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