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The Smithsonian Folklife Festival features as many different aspects of a culture as they can fit into two weeks. And most cultures have one huge thing in common: music. Music gives us something in common, while also showing what’s unique about each specific culture. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival features music and dance from many different cultures and countries. Explore the sounds and moves of a far off, or maybe not so far off, land with your family, friends, and caravan rental.

    Throughout the festival from 11:30 am to around 6 pm, many different cultural traditions are displayed. When the festival day ends, and the night begins, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival focuses in on music and dance. At around 6:30 pm musical performances and evening concerts begin. Check out the sounds of different cultures and see how different countries dress. Natives dance and sing in their traditional clothing, makeup, and attire. This is a great visual glimpse into another world. Bring your kids to give them visual insight into another culture and maybe to learn a new dance move or two.

    Having a caravan rental will make your adventures in Washington D.C. and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival all the more enjoyable. A caravan rental offers freedom and mobility with all the comforts of home. Washington D.C. has a lot to offer, as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States of America. And the East Coast is a cluster of states and cities. Be free to explore about the different states and sights as you please. Caravan rentals give you a mode of transportation and a place to stay. Not to mention a good amount of storage for any keepsakes you pick up along the way. You’ll never be bored of explore the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Washington D.C. with your caravan rental.

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