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Are you a musician? Are you a little competitive? The Band Scramble is a fun way to kick off the festival, play some music, and have some competitive fun while doing so! Gather together your friends and enter to win a chance for some bragging rights and a little air time on Hog Ranch Radio! Kick of the festival with your camper van rental and a bang with Band Scramble.

So what exactly is Band Scramble? Well, to start off, it’s a festival tradition. Band Scramble is open to all musicians. Basically, everyone gathers together. Then they are seperated into random groups. Be prepared to ditch your friends and make some new ones! Once the groups are decided you will have an hour to complete a list of tasks and compete to be the Hog Ranch champions.

The first task you’ll want to complete is to come up with a name for your band. Don’t be too picky, you only have an hour to complete all tasks. Once you pick a name you’ll need to write two songs to perform for the competition. Then you’ll need a real good joke and a Hog Radio ID.

Once your hour is up you will perform for the radio station and be broadcast all over the festival. The audience will choose the winner and you get endless bragging rights for the rest of the festival. You also get to take home a silly prize or two and a few new friends.

The Band Scramble is a great way to kick of the festival. So is having a camper van rental! A camper van rental is a great way to experience Strawberry Music. At Strawberry Music you will constantly be surrounded by an endless flow of community and music. A camper van rental gives you a moment to reflect to yourself and it’s wall’s are a bit thicker than a tent. This makes it a little easier to get a goods night rest and rejuvenate for the next day. Camper van rentals are a really popular way to camp at Strawberry Music. Enjoy your time at Strawberry Music and the Band Scramble with your camper van rental!

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