Round Trip

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Strawberry Music is more than just a festival, it’s an environment. Regulars call it “The Strawberry Way”. This community gathers together twice a year to create closeness, freedom, and happiness. It’s something you’ll never want to leave. That’s why camping at the festival itself is such a great opportunity! Strawberry Music offers several camping packages and pairs perfectly with a caravan rental.

Strawberry Music sells dry camping rights with their tickets. Camping in a tent can be a lot of fun, but camping in a caravan rental will give you an even better experience. Caravan rentals offer you real beds, amenities, and an extra layer of safety. Not to mention that if you’re driving into town, a caravan rental will give the whole family more leg room and minimize fighting. Strawberry Music does offer campsites with RV hookups, but it’s best to book those in advance. Caravan rentals are a staple at Strawberry Music and spots fill up pretty fast. Email [email protected] for more information.

Whether you’re using a tent or a caravan rental, it’s good to note that all campsites have access to clean portable bathrooms and access to at least one stationary bathroom. They also have access to water, hot showers, and hand washing stations located throughout the campsites. All of these come with the cost of your camping ticket.

Strawberry Music is an experience you won’t ever want to leave. No matter how you camp, you will want to stay on grounds because it keeps you in the environment. If a caravan rental seems too big, try a travel trailer! There are a lot of options out there for you to explore. So make sure you find the one that will put you and your fellow festival goers in the groove and create the “Strawberry Way”.