Round Trip

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Strawberry Music is committed to be a family friendly environment. Because of this there are constant activities for kids of all ages throughout the festival. Kids 6 years of age and older are encouraged to find their independence and are not required to be accompanied by an adult. However, kids under the age of 6 will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times, as the festival does not have the licensing for a daycare. Have fun with the whole family at Strawberry Music with your camper van rental.
    Kids under the age of 6 are put into a group appropriately named “Sticky Fingers”. These little guys must be accompanied by an adult at all times. However, there will be plenty to do! Strawberry Music provides tons of activities including play dough, painting, and crafts! (They’re even brave enough to supply glue!)

Kids aged 6-9 years old are a part of their very own clan called “Crafty Hands”. Craft Hands gives more independence to children and challenges them with their crafts and activities. All while having a great time! Create a kaleidoscope or play in the bean bag toss tournament. The possibilities are endless.

“Mid Kids” are aged 10 to 12. These guys get to some pretty serious crafts like making dream catchers, wax hands, wire sculptures, and so much more. There are also endless games going on. Let your child make a new best friend and memories to last a lifetime at “Mid Kids”.

Your teen may or may not be excited to attend the Strawberry Music Festival. But as you know, that could change rapidly. Teens from 13-17 are put into their own group filled with other maturing minds. Here they have their own dance, movie night, and many other activities. The independence and freedom offered to your teens is sure to give them the time of their lives in a safe and fun environment.

No matter the age, your whole family will love attending Strawberry Music for years to come. Bring a camper van rental along the way and give yourself the best possible vacation. Camper van rentals are a little bit of home amongst the wildness of the festival. Give yourself a chance to rest and a safe place to hang out. (Though you will probably be dragging your kids back to the camper van rental at the end of the night.) Never forget your time at Strawberry Music with the whole family and your camper van rental.

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