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One of the best parts of going to a music festival is the food and the souvenirs! Strawberry Music is no exception. Delight your palate with a large array of food options and brighten up your house with a few new souvenirs. Make the best of your time at Strawberry Music with a RV rental.

Strawberry Music has tons of different food options. Stroll down to the “Food Court” and see what tickles your fancy. The Food Court offers several different stands to choose from. You could try a more traditional food, or maybe go a bit more wild. In the past Strawberry Music has offered dishes like BBQ, pizza, Mexican food, Thai food, Greek food, Cajun food, and more! Are you and your family vegetarian? Don’t worry! Strawberry Music always has some vegetarian options for you to choose from.

Not only does Strawberry Music have great tasting food, but they have some cool souvenir choices as well. They offer CD’s of the bands performing throughout the festival. This is a great way to take the Strawberry Way home with you. You can go and get a massage or acupuncture done. And if you forget something, you can always check the Strawberry Preserves. They often sell things that festival goers tend to forget. If you’re looking for home decor, the Strawberry Artisans sell an abundance of jewelry, art, sculptures, and other things made by people all through the west.

You won’t be disappointed with your food options at Strawberry Music, but you may not want to eat out every meal. Especially if you have a large family, feeding every tummy can cost a bit. Having an RV rental gives you a full on kitchen. Feel free to stock up the fridge and have meals and snacks ready on the go. An RV rental gives you a chance to cook for yourself and save a few extra dollars. If you’re looking to buy some souvenirs at the festival, having an RV rental also gives you a great place to store them. Don’t worry about the small stuff and focus on the fun with your RV rental at Strawberry Music.