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One of the best parts of the Strawberry Music Festival is that it happens twice a year! The spring festival usually lands somewhere around May, but the dates can change. This festival is held on the Nevada County Fairgrounds and is a chance for you to jump in on the never ending fun! Romp around the spring Strawberry Music Festival with your caravan rental and have the best experience possible!

The spring festival has countless things to offer. They have over 20 musicians play on the main stage over the course of the festival. Find new bands that move your soul and listen to a few of your old favorites. You’ll never be bored when it comes to spring Strawberry Music.

The spring Strawberry Music Festival also offers plenty of activities for kids and families. You can read about them here. Plus, the spring Strawberry Music Festival hosts the time old favorite “Band Scramble” and “Breakfast Club”.

Spring Strawberry Music offers everything you could want. There are workshops for adults, kids, and teens. There are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the musicians. You also have a variety of delicious food and souvenirs to purchase.

When you’re attending the spring Strawberry Music Festival, you’ll want to stay on site. Staying in the festival itself helps you to keep up the energy and stay in the atmosphere of the Strawberry Way. Camping is the best way to go, but you have options. Caravan rentals are a great way to experience the Strawberry Music Festival. Caravan rentals give you a real bed to sleep in and a little bit of privacy. It also adds a layer of security that a tent doesn’t offer. Camping with a caravan rental will keep you in the “in” at the spring Strawberry Music Festival.

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