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Festivals can be pretty competitive when it comes to seating. Strawberry Music is no exception. When you attend Strawberry Music you have the same chance as anyone else to get the best seats in the house. The Strawberry Stroll was created to ensure just that. Enjoy your time at Strawberry Music with a motorhome rental and Strawberry Stroll.

The Strawberry Stroll starts at 5am. From this moment on you can line up to claim your spot by the front of the stage. Folding chairs are allowed, but there are height requirements. No blankets are allowed to be spread out. The Strawberry Stroll is taken pretty seriously. If you leave your chair alone, anyone is allowed to sit in it. Also, you are not allowed to save seats for others. If your chair is in the area, you better be in it.

The Strawberry Stroll is very serious about the first come, first serve rule. So make sure you’re not trying to sneak in an extra chair. The stroll is manned by festival personnel. They are there to help if you have any questions or are confused about any of the rules.

Overall, the Strawberry Stroll is made to help everyone have the best experience possible. Bringing a motorhome rental to Strawberry Music will help to give you the best experience possible. Strawberry Stroll will be a walk in the park after a good night's rest in a real bed. Motorhome rentals also add a layer of security that a tent doesn’t offer. Festivals are fun and great environments to be in. Don’t waste any time worrying about the safety of your items or your family. Your motorhome rental will be one of your best decisions at Strawberry Music, not including getting out of bed at 4:30am for Strawberry Stroll, of course.

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