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Yellowstone National park is a great place to really explore the outdoors. So why not go all the way? Become one with nature by staying in a caravan rental. Yellowstone has 12 different campsites, five of which are perfect for bringing your caravan rental. So, let’s break them down.

Bridge Bay Campground is perfect for those who love the land, but also love the water. This campsite overlooks Bridge Bay Marina. You can even launch your own boat onto the lake.

Canyon Campground is in the middle of the forest. Play hide and seek in the tree’s and get amped for all of the great surrounding hikes. Canyon Campground also has picnic tables and fire pits at each site.

Fishing Bridge RV Park is the only pure caravan park in Yellowstone. It’s also the only one to have “water, sewer, and electrical hookups”. Although you may have all the amenities, you won’t find any fire pits here.

Grant Campground is home to both tents and caravan rentals. You may even be able to spy a piece of the lake through the surrounding trees. This campsite features food storage boxes, picnic tables, and fire pits.

Madison Campground is known for its location. It’s one of the most popular campsites because it’s in a reasonable distance to several large attractions including Old Faithful. Hang out in your caravan rental or get some fresh air and watch the stars at your picnic table.

Camping outside in Yellowstone National park gives you the full experience. Hear the sounds of nature throughout the night. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air. Staying in a caravan rental at Yellowstone National Park keeps you off the dirt floor, but still in the heart of the woods. Be one with nature, Yellowstone, and your caravan rental on your next family vacation.

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